An open-source approach to Patient Reported Outcomes

Problem Background

Medical departments often use disparate software platforms or manual processes to manage patient-reported outcome (PRO) data collection. This leaves surgeons with numerous blind spots and biases in understanding how their patients’ recoveries are progressing, leading to patient education with incomplete data. This gap is exacerbated by the fact that underserved patients typically underreport on their post-operative journeys. These factors create uncertainty and anxiety for the surgeon and impact the quality of patients’ recovery experiences.

Proposed Solution

The CloudPRO platform is a cloud-based environment to support survey distribution, survey response collection, and use of electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) scoring for any medical specialty in the world. ePROs are used by surgeons to both monitor patients’ post-surgical process and provide evidence of population-level recovery patterns. This platform provides a centralized mechanism for patients to report their experience and for surgeons to view patients’ survey scoring history.

Patients can enroll themselves or be enrolled by a trusted third party, allowing them to complete brief surveys sent by their surgeons. These responses are interpreted by CloudPRO and are made available to surgeons, allowing them to track the progress of their patients.

CloudPRO will differentiate itself from readily available platforms through the following:

  • Encouraging mass adoption within a medical specialty of a singular platform built from the ground up
  • Embracing a collaborative open-source approach to the platform instead of a proprietary & closed ecosystem
  • Providing technical foundations for an open framework of PRO delivery & scoring that can be adopted at scale across systems.
  • Having a low barrier of entry cost point
  • Modularity and extensibility

Healthcare Innovation CIC Takes on Initial Prototyping

The Healthcare Innovation CIC worked closely with a leading not-for-profit professional organization representing cardiothoracic surgeons, researchers, and allied health care professionals.


The following represents a visual journey of the customer problem, solution discovery, and solution implementation.

Mockups of Application

Our CIC began by first developing interactive mockups of what the proposed application could look like. The following were validated for functionality by our customer prior to any development.

Conceptual Architecture for Prototype

We approached designs of the patient experience with an easy-to-deploy and low-overhead serverless design. The following diagram provides a high-level conceptual architecture of our prototype.

Our team decided to utilize React for the frontend and Python for backend services.

Prototype Phase One: Patient Experience

The first phase of prototyping included development of the web application which supports the patient experience. This prototype includes a modular component to support custom scoring algorithms of patient responses.

Patient Experience Prototype Screenshots

Prototype Phase Two: Surgeon Experience

The second phase of prototyping included development of the web application which supports the surgeon experience. This portion of the prototype is focused on enhancing transparency for surgeons on their patient’s recovery journey.

Surgeon Experience Prototype Screenshots

<Currently in Prototyping Development Phase>

Call to Action

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PRFAQFictional press release for the CloudPRO vision
StoryboardVisual journey of the concept
Go To Production (GTP) WriteupChallenge documentation and thoughts on how to take to production & scale
MockupsClickable wireframe of the concept
Prototype 1 Backend (Patient Experience)IAC & Backend code for the prototype
Prototype 1 Frontend (Patient Experience)IAC & Frontend code for the prototype