Open-source data: Total Body PET (TB PET) Scanner

Problem Background

Until today, the world’s community of TB PET imaging professionals has been small and disparate. Although many of them frequently encounter common issues associated with the technology, they have lacked a centralized platform to collaborate on, contribute to, and discuss them. These challenges – which center around issues like data anonymization, high barriers to entry, and inconsistent international data regulations – make it difficult to standardize TB PET scanner data practices, excite potential users, and capitalize on the valuable PET data to solve long-standing medical questions.

Proposed Solution

The Scanverse 360 platform envisions a worldwide community platform and represents the first time that TB PET imaging community has rapid access to total body PET scan data. This new platform will enable the free exchange of ideas between TB PET scan professionals and allow them to harness their collective power for short-cycling innovation and product development. The insights this community produces will open the door to the powers of this data for the wider medical community and ultimately improve patients’ outcomes.

Healthcare Innovation CIC Takes on Initial Prototyping

The Healthcare Innovation CIC worked closely with a leading medical center in the US and a leading medical center in Austria to ideate and form the baseline governance and data structure for the data.


The following represents a visual journey of the customer problem, solution discovery, and solution implementation.

Ideation for Prototype

Initial sessions focused deeply around brainstorming around approach for Data, Processes, and Governance as well as north star vision of the project.

Prototyping a Data Spec

The team decided on focusing efforts towards creating the open-data play first and built a data spec for the dataset.

Currently, the medical centers are working on having the data hosted via Open Data on AWS to share with the broader medical community.

Call to Action

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PRFAQFictional press release for the CloudPRO vision
StoryboardVisual journey of the concept
Prototype (Data Spec)A data specification for Total Body PET Imagery